Building the first AI Intel Layer

Building the first AI Intel Layer
Rivalz: The fist AI Intel Layer
The effectiveness of AI is directly proportional to the quality and volume of the data it learns from. Data is not just fuel, but the very foundation upon which AI systems are built.” - Yann LeCun, Chief Scientist at Meta

From Chaos To Intel

AI's rapid growth is undeniable, but amidst this progress lies a sea of chaos. Sources of AI Intelligence and Data are fragmented and inconsistent. Creating order is the key to the future of AI.

Rivalz is building the foundation for AI 2.0, by creating the first AI Intel Layer - a  decentralized peer-to-peer network for modular AI Intel, enhanced by programmatic trust and privacy.  

Our AI Intel Layer is activated by two core infrastructure components. Rivalz operates as a Dymension EVM-RollApp with Celestia DA and hosts a DePIN, consisting of Worker rNodes and Validator zNodes.

Why are we building Rivalz?

We believe that the future of AI will heavily focus on data and inference provenance, which will be the core to building the ideal AI Data Markets, enabling trusted networks of intelligence providers and unlocking a modular ecosystem of Ai-apps and AI Agents. 

Rivalz provides multiple solutions for the AI Intel Layer.

  • A data processing grid, allowing Data owners to seamlessly transform their raw data to structured and license it for AI usage. 
  • A secure way to store valuable AI-ready structured data in a decentralised and private way.
  • A secure way for AI companies and agents to access and use our Data through FHE and other blind computation techniques.
  • A compliant solution with a built-in consent management system for PII.
  • A consent-powered system of AI Personas that can be used to create licensed AI Clonez.
  • A secure solution for providing dynamic data for AI Inference
  • A provenance system for AI Inference.
  • TBA

The AI Intel layer acts as core infrastructure for web3 modular AI-applications.

Rivalz empowers developers to build AI applications focused on Data and Intel Provenance. Such as:

  • Secure and Licensed AI Data Storage
  • Secure and Licensed AI Data and Intel Markets 
  • Secure and Compliant Personal Data AI-Applications from Finance to Healthcare
  • Trustless and Validated Data Feeds for AI Inference 
  • Systems of AI Inference Aggregation and Consensus
  • Private Intel Access for AI Agents
  • Modular AI Agents

Nodes and the Rivalz DePIN

Our node infrastructure establishes the core AI Intel Layer functionality through decentralizing storage, access, processing, validation and trust systems for Data and Intel. 

The Rivalz Network AI DePIN consists of Worker rNodes and Validator zNodes.

  • Validator zNodes (Require a License Key) zNodes validate data and Intel processing, authentication and trust systems. 
  • Worker rNodes (Available for everyone to run) rNodes provide the core data storage facilities of the Ai Intel Layer and are partially involved in data-processing. 

Validator zNodes are going to be sold later in May in the zNode Key License Sale. 

Validator zNode owners will act as the back-bone of the AI Intel Layer. Taking part in changing the future of AI and deriving value from the growth of the Rivalz ecosystem.