Introducing Rivalz Network

Introducing Rivalz Network

The first AI DePIN RollApp on Dymension

Rivalz introduces an AI-driven DePIN RollApp, building the future of AI Data Provenance and enabling a modular AI-app ecosystem. $RIZ will be the native token of our ecosystem, used for transaction fees and powering our node infrastructure, data monetization, and AI-apps on top of Rivalz. The Rivalz Network will be the first DePIN RollApp powered by Dymension, with Celestia DA technology underneath and based on EVM.

Why are we building Rivalz?

We believe that the future of AI Data will heavily focus on data provenance, which will be the core to building the ideal AI Data Market, enabling AI-apps and a diverse ecosystem of AI Agents. Our DePIN solution has been specifically created with this in mind, providing:

  • A secure way to store valuable AI-ready structured data in a decentralised way.
  • A secure way for AI companies and agents to access and use our Data through FHE.
  • A data processing grid, allowing the DePIN to store only augmented labelled data.
  • A compliant solution with a built-in consent management system for PII.
  • A consent-powered system of AI Personas that can be used to create licensed AI NPC/Companions/Agents.
  • TBA

What does Rivalz do?

Rivalz — Infrastructure of an AI Data Provenance layer and an AI-app modular ecosystem.

RX — Platform enabling users to “licence themselves to the world of AI” in the form of AI Personas, which could be expanded toward AI NPCs, AI Companions and AI Agents.

RECO — serves as a collective of partners collaborating on various topics related to the use of Rivalz Network, initially focused on DID, GameFi and SocialFi.

RNET — focuses on Neural Network infrastructure on top of the Rivalz RollApp and modular AI-apps and Agents.

Whats next? How does Rivalz contribute to Dymension?

After launching our rNode infrastructure, RX will act as the first source of data for our network. We then expect to have most of the data come from third-party organisations providing compliant and validated information. Creating a thriving AI Provenance-focused Data market.

As we grow our AI Data Layer, Rivalz plans to establish a modular data layer available to all RollApps in the Dymension ecosystem.

What do the nodes do?

The Rivalz Network AI DePIN Layer consists of rNodes and Validator zNodes.

  • Validator zNodes are used to track the inflows and outflows of Data from the DePIN Layer, as well as track and flag malicious rNode actors. Users are required to purchase licence keys to run zNodes. zNode licences will be distributed in an upcoming Node Sale, with special access given to Dymension stakers.
  • Hosting an rNode requires users to contribute data storage space from their devices. Users will be able to upgrade an rNode with $RIZ and add computational resources to the ecosystem, which in turn will offer higher benefits. rNodes do not require a licence key and are available for anyone to run and participate in the network.

Team and Backing?

We are a 30+ man team working on web3 data solutions since 2019 with management involved in AI and building large scale data infrastructure across Web3 / Fintech Organizations. Combining deep expertise in AI, Data and Web3, our team is set to create the future of AI Data and bring forth a modular ecosystem of AI-apps and Agents.

We will be announcing our tier-1 backing, advisors, and partnerships later in Q2.

$RIZ Tokenomics

We will release complete information later in Q2 2024.

TLDR for DYM Stakers — you can expect a Rolldrop for $RIZ, special offering during the Validator zNode Sale and additional bonus points during our product activation campaigns.