Rivalz Incentivized Testnet Now Live

Rivalz Incentivized Testnet Now Live
Rivalz Intel Incentivized Testnet

Today we are excited to announce the launch of the Rivalz Intel Incentivized Testnet on Dymension. This marks the first step we take towards building an AI Intel layer - a decentralized peer-to-peer network for modular AI-apps, enhanced by programmatic trust and privacy.

Throughout this event, users will be able to actively participate in the rollout of Rivalz’s decentralized node infrastructure, earn points in various activities and get rewarded based on their overall engagement with the Rivalz Testnet.

Participating in the Testnet

During the testnet users can earn Testnet Points. These will directly dictate the Rivalz $RIZ airdrop - set to happen in early Q3 2024. High positions on the leaderboard will be rewarded additionally.

You can get Testnet Points by:

  • Running Light rClients: Set up and manage rClients to support network operation.
  • Completing Social Challenges: Engage with Rivalz posts and create quality content to maximize your points.
  • Minting Data Fragmentz on the Testnet: Each Data Fragment carries a certain amount of Points. These are also essential to obtaining a significant discount (Intel Discount) for the whitelist phase of the node sale. 

To participate: 

If you experience any issues with the Rivalz Testnet, please feel free to ask our team in the #testnet-channel on the Rivalz Discord.

Data Fragmentz

By entering the testnet you will be given the ability to claim $RIZ testnet tokens and use them as gas to mint NFTs on our Testnet - Data Fragmentz. 

Each Data Fragmentz rarity unlocks a certain % discount on the public Validator zNode sale, this is called the Intel Discount. Get all 18 rarities for a total 20% discount! Any post-purchase earned discount is returned as a rebate at the end of the Testnet Event. Meaning - If you have participated in the Whitelist, used the Intel Discount, but later increased your Intel Discount, it will be retro-applied to your purchase and you will receive additional funds back closer to the end of the Testnet Event.

  • Each NFT is only applied to Intel Discount once.
  • Having multiple same kind of NFT does not increase the Intel Discount.
  • Maximum achievable Intel Discount is 20%, once you reach it new NFTs do not generate additional Intel Discount.

View the Data Fragmentz Rarity and corresponding Intel Discounts here.


Active participation during the “Rivalz Incentivized Testnet” will allow you to get Whitelisted in one of the early tiers of our Node Sale. Lucky participants will also earn GoldPasses which will allow them to purchase nodes at Tier 3 prices. 

What are GoldPasses?

Each GoldPass guarantees access to the Rivalz Validator zNode public sale and allows a 5-day window to purchase a Validator zNode Key License at a fixed Tier-3 price.

Other ways to get whitelisted for the Validator zNode Sale

Don’t worry there are multiple ways you can get whitelisted even if you are not able to earn this right from our Incentivized Testnet campaign. Here is how you can get whitelisted:

  • Through a referral link from a creator: The first 100 people who join through a creator’s referral will be able to get whitelisted. 
  • By being a member of a partnered community: These will be announced on ours as well as our partners’ socials channels so stay tuned for updates! 

Why Rivalz

In the current AI model landscape, open-source tools are widely used and rapidly advancing, making sophisticated models more accessible. While open-source tools provide a foundation for model development, they often rely on publicly available training datasets that may lack specificity or relevance to certain industries or use cases.

In contrast, proprietary datasets offer organizations the opportunity to leverage high-quality, domain-specific data that is not readily accessible to competitors. These datasets may contain valuable insights, patterns, and nuances specific to a particular industry, market segment, or problem domain. 

Access to high-quality, unique, and proprietary datasets will become a crucial source of differentiation and competitive edge in the AI model environment. 

Rivalz addresses this need for unique and high-quality datasets by building the infrastructure for organizations to securely store, access, share and monetize valuable various proprietary datasets. It is believed to then develop towards the largest AI data market.

Rivalz aims to serve as a foundational layer for AI applications, empowering organizations to differentiate their models and gain a competitive edge in the evolving AI landscape.

Rivalz DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks) has been intentionally designed to offer:

  • Secure storage of valuable AI data in a decentralized manner through its DePIN solution.
  • Secure Data access & usage for AI companies and agents via FHE (Fully Homomorphic Encryption).
  • Data processing grid for processing and storing data.
  • Compliance and validation for proprietary data shared by companies and third-parties and additional consent validation for any  PII (Personally Identifiable Information) data.
  • Greater data security which enables development of personalized AI-apps for developers
  • Utilization & leverage of AI agents across Web2 and Web3 applications

We are thrilled to take the first step towards our mainnet launch. Stay tuned for more updates on all things Rivalz and ways to participate and grow the community!